We welcomed a group of youth from Marseille with whom we had the pleasure of sharing the mountain environment. They quickly adapted to this environment, got to grips with the equipment and were very enthusiastic at the idea of discovering new activities.

A few words from them  :

  •  At the end of the cross country skiing day, after getting over her difficulties, Jounaide told us : « I feel strong »
  • Why would you like to come back again Saandia ? : « because I like to do things properly »
Stage 16-21 Janvier 2015
Le groupe en dessous des cascades de glace (Photo : © Thomas Vialletet)


82-4000 Stage de montagne
Saandia et Jounaide sur la cascade (Photo : © Patrick Bretin)


Benito s'envole
Benito s’envole (Photo : © Jacques Henry)


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